Our web store is coming soon! I promise!

UPDATE to add link:  STORE!! Sign up for notifications, if you please!

Yes, I have gotten lots of people asking over the past few months, “do you ship to xyz?”  “How do I place an order?”  And other related questions.  While relying on email, facebook and instagram has been OK, I’m really eager to get a nice, easy, single source for purchase processing and product photos to make it easier for ALL of us!!

It has been a long process to get what I wanted out of the website but, alas, things have not gone according to plan which has made launching the web store a bit of a headache.  But no longer!  We are working on finishing touches, product photos etc, and we will have it up and running by Nov. 1st!  Keep an eye out…  There could be some sort of special promotion or something at launch, you ever know!  😉

In the meantime!  If you see a picture you like, ask me about it!  If you are within Canada, YES I do ship to you!

One thing to note about the online store is that prices will be per .5 meter.  In-store, I price by the full meter and sell by increments of 5 or 10cm depending on the product.  If I have a product listed online and you only need 15cm you can still rely on good ol’ email or phone to place your order.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself here!

How to place an order or inquire about products:

Phone:  1-807-286-5717 (Store hours are 11-6 Tues-Fri or Sat 11-4, EST)
Email:  info@lockstitchfabrics.com any time
Facebook PM:  facebook.com/lockstitchfabrics
To view photos:  instagram.com/lockstitchfabrics

Thanks in advance for your comments/questions!

PS:  Do you like that cute shirt I have as the featured image?  It’s my most recent completed project!  Here it is on Instagram with more details!  You can make it too!

We just received a new shipment of EURO KNITS!  Check ’em out!  They’re already starting to move!


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