Fall (and Winter) is coming!

Back to school.  Halloween.  *gulp*…CHRISTMAS.  And if you have a family like mine, about ONE MILLION BIRTHDAYS.  (A slight exaggeration but, sometimes, it feels like it!)

It is a BUSY season for us crafters.  Oh dear!

Artisans who sell their works are under major pressure as well.  It’s your busiest season approaching!  Gotta create til your fingers fall off in time for all the markets coming up!!

I encourage anyone feeling overwhelmed to come by, bring your projects, ask advice (if you want mine, which is totally up to you 😉 ).  I have studio space to rent if you need to sew any gifts in secret, or if you need the space to work on your costumes (not everyone has a big cutting table or you might have pets/roommates getting up in your face when you’re trying to work!)

Need ideas?  I love brainstorming sessions.  Bring your imagination with you and we can figure out what you need to accomplish your goals for your costuming/giftmaking projects this year (or of course for AWESOME fall fashion, by the way, it’s my FAVOURITE season!)

Remember we do have a few things on sale so come by and see if anything strikes your fancy!

Have you been keeping up to date on our new products?  Have a peek!

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