Colette Zinnia review

Hey everyone!  Done any sewing this summer?  I just finished the Colette Zinnia, and here I am to give a review for you!

I chose view 3, that view is below knee length with a back zipper and pleated.  View 1 is gathered with a button front closure and patch pockets, view 2 is above the knee, back zip with pleats, belt loops and in seam pockets.  Of course it would be very easy to mix and match; I could have added belt loops and pockets to my skirt if I wanted, but I kept it simple, aside from modifying the waistband to have the zipper extend all the way to the top; that way I didn’t have to put a button or hook and eye to close above the zipper.

As with all Colette patterns the instructions are clear and well illustrated.  The packaging is really great; the instructions are sewn right in so it’s like a mini sewing book, and it also includes a pouch to hold the pattern tissue or whatever else you might need.

This is the first woven skirt by Colette I have made.  Since it was the first I should have made a muslin; I made sure the waistband fit, but the length of my hip (from my waist to the full part of my hip) is shorter than the pattern, so the top of the skirt wants to ride up below the waistband making a horizontal pucker at the top of my hip.  If I had made a muslin, I would have found the fitting issue but as it is, I’ll have to unstitch the skirt from the waistband and bring it up at the sides.

The pleats are really cute.  However you really have to be precise as there are 16 of them, so if you’re off by a few mm here and there, it will add up!  She has great tips to keep your pleats precise as well.  I recommend practising your tailor’s tacks to mark them out, and if you do view 3 be sure to mark the lining as well!  I’m also thinking of doing the skirt again, but view 1 next time, because the buttons down the front is a really fun look.  Colette’s designs are known for their classic styles and Zinnia is no different.  Depending on the fabric choice, will change the look, but I do recommend sticking with fabrics that will take a crease well for view 2 or 3; for view 1, make sure it is not too heavy so the gathers don’t become bulky.  Easy to make for a beginner who wants to try out more advanced techniques like buttons, zippers, and of course pleats or gathers.

The fabric I chose for the outer is the chocolate brown 100% linen, and because it is slightly sheer I did line it with my new favourite lining material, the ivory silk/cotton voile.  It’s so soft!  I chose the ivory since it’s a nice contrast, all the other colours I currently have in stock would be too garish with the brown.

Check out other projects on Pattern Review for inspiration!  Also try Flickr, Instagram, a simple google image search, or Pinterest too!

See you soon!

PS:  I also did a video, I was debating about sharing it because it didn’t turn out well at all haha.  (And I shared a clip of it on instagram, forgetting to turn the sound off for the clip, it was a terrible loop with the sound on, which I didn’t notice until this morning, so that’s gone from my feed hahaha!!)  So on both counts, it was a big fail 😉

I do plan on reshooting the video for you so you can see the skirt in action, I’ll hopefully do that today, so I can  go over in better detail the fit issues I had and how to fix them in case you come across a similar issue.


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