Summer is in full swing

It’s finally July, after one of, if not the most wet June’s on record here in Thunder Bay.  It’s a great time in this warm weather to wear breezy, light-weight clothes.  If it’s too hot outdoors, staying inside in a cool house to sew is a great way to spend some time this summer.  Most my knitting is done in winter, most of my sewing in summer.  That’s just my rhythm!

We’ve got lots of beautiful summer fabrics in stock right now.  Art Gallery voiles are probably the highest quality cottons I have yet to put my hands on, the colours are bright and the fabric itself is stunningly silk-like.  With the Robert Kaufman voiles and Monaluna lawns (lawn is slightly sheer, lighter than voile) there is a wonderful variety of breezy cottons for shirts, dresses, PJs, you name it.

Our linens are in two weights; bottom and shirt-weight for a variety of clothes; you really can’t do better than linen in the hottest summer weather!  It dries faster than cotton, meaning your clothes won’t get soaked with sweat.  For hand embroiderers, it is an absolute joy to work with.  It also makes lovely napkins (linen is very absorbent, strong, and can take abuse in the wash to keep clean!) and tablecloths, to show off for any parties you’re hosting this summer! 😉  Curtains and other home decor, linen is perfect for.  While it does wrinkle easy, this also means it holds a crease really well for when you WANT it to pleat (and some people really appreciate the crinkled look, too!)  Try a shirt with pintuck or pleated details, some bohemian embroidery at the collar of a peasant top, or for a full, fitted dress with minimal wrinkles try interlining AND lining; it is more work, yes, but will really keep those wrinkles at bay, and the extra work really pays off when you look like you’re wearing something couture in your every-day wardrobe.

Our hemp/cotton/spandex jersey and our Art Gallery and european cotton/lycra jerseys are fantastic for the weather as well.  Anything with a touch of lycra (aka spandex) is great for tights or kids clothes, as it stretches in 4 directions.  Great for kids playing and jumping around outdoors!

The silk/cotton voile has been a joy to work with.  It is a bit slippy, but with patience it can be worked by an advanced beginner.  It makes a wonderful lining for light weight clothes, although it can be worn on it’s own if your design calls for something sheer.  It is just weightless, like a feather, it would be a touch of luxury to your summer wardrobe and flow so beautifully in the breeze.

Here are our prints, in our wovens and knits!  Enjoy!!

Contact us for pricing info or additional information such as colours of our solid linens and hemp jersey currently in-stock.


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