April class #1; Sewing with Knits

Are you all ready to start sewing classes?!

Our first class of April will be for those new to knits and we will be making a basic child-sized v-neck t-shirt: the Patterns for Pirates Deep Sea V-Neck (sized 18M to 8Y). All the techniques you will learn are the exact same for an adult size, but the practise is great because kids don’t mind imperfections!  A discount code for the pattern will be given to those who sign up for the class.

This is a class for those who DO NOT have a serger. A future class will address sewing knits with a serger, but this class is for using a regular sewing machine to tackle knits.

You will have a choice of short or long sleeve (with or without cuffs) and depending how confident you are, you can add a pocket or sleeve tabs too! Skills learned will be sewing with a twin needle, learning the stretch stitch(es) on your machine, applying a neckband, curved seams, sleeves (which are inserted slightly differently than with wovens!) and we will discuss the different types of knits, how to find the grain, and other knit sewing tips.

Preliminary work would be to print the pattern off at home (instructions will be given for how to do that), purchasing your fabric and washing it BEFORE the first class session. Come in any time during the week leading up to the class for advice on fabric and amount needed for the size you chose.

Call (807)286-5717, email info@lockstitchfabrics.com, or come to the store Tues-Fri 11-6 Sat 11-4 to reserve your spot!  YOU MUST SIGN UP AT LEAST A DAY IN ADVANCE to allow for the time to print and cut out your pattern, and prewash your fabric in advance of the class.

The class will take place Sunday April 3, 1pm to 5pm  Saturday April 9th, 1pm-5pm**. Make sure your machine is in good working condition BEFORE THIS CLASS! If your machine isn’t working, you aren’t going to have much fun!

Suggested supplies to bring:  Extra needles (ball point or jersey needles, twin needle), extra bobbins, pins, measuring tape or sewing gauge, fabric marker of choice (fabric pencil, pen, chalk…), Good sharp scissors, seam ripper, and your machine of course!

Cost is $60+tax, excluding fabric, pattern, supplies (if needed)

See you soon!

**UPDATE!  Due to a death in the family I had to postpone this class.  Those who have signed up already have been notified.  I also decided to change it from a Sunday to a Saturday, as it seemed more people are able to make it to Saturday classes.  Thank you for your understanding.

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