Why I stock indie pattern designers

I love supporting indie!

I have the conversation just about every day. People come in, they see the wonderful packaging, they see the detail in the instruction, the clear illustrations, and the uniqueness of the designs. I often here something along the lines of “it’s like a mini sewing book!” (Most indie designers write their instructions with the beginner in mind, which is wonderful to attract more to the craft!) Plus, there’s a designer with a distinct style (and sizing!) out there for everyone. No more frumpy, outdated designs; indie designers are able to keep up with trends as they come (which makes me so happy for menswear!!)

The online sewing communities out there are wonderful for inspiration, and the designers themselves are so great with the community support they give. If you have questions (that I can’t answer or you need the help when I’m not in) they are there to help out directly. They often have tutorials or sewalongs on their blogs, promote other sewing blogs featuring their designs which, again, great for inspiration.

There are lots of designers out there who design only in .pdf, which means I can guarantee the online support and pictures are out there for you! If there is a look you’re going for and I don’t have a pattern like it physically in store, I’ll help you find it online. Also, there may be sewing classes hosted here featuring print patterns OR .pdf designs (oh, what? Was that a hint?)

I’m going to go ahead and list the links to the blogs of designers I carry and some links to other online sewing communities I recommend you take a gander at.

By the way, this list is forever incomplete; there are always new designers out there and new communities popping up. Future blog posts will cover new things I find, especially for new stock!

Thread Theory


Victory Patterns

Colette Patterns

Grainline Studio

I also carry Ottobre Magazine, from Finland!

Online communities:

Reddit r/sewing

Burda Style

Pattern Review

Sew Canadian


I also suggest sites like Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites for inspiration!

Do you have a favourite designer?  Let me know!


One thought on “Why I stock indie pattern designers

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