The move is underway…

Goodbye to this view…


With spring coming there will be a new view out the window, looking out to Cumberland St, but I’ll remember the view from the old location rather fondly.  Nothing like people-watching from such a great vantage point.  Occasionally catching their eyes can be a bit awkward though; unless it’s to direct them to where the door is!

I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed but it’s going to be SOOO worth it.  It has become really real.  Officially happening.  It’s exciting and everything I do is blowing my own mind.

The move is underway and plans are being made as far as events for the 1st.  Expect complimentary coffee and tea, in the afternoon there will be some snacks, as well as a sale and a draw!  I really hope you guys like the look of the place; it’s so bright!  Tuesday the 1st I’ll be open 10am-7pm, (ribbon cutting will be first thing!)

I haven’t planned classes for March yet, in fact there may not be any “formal” classes as I settle in to the new place for the month.  However, I have ideas for sewing/fashion related nights in lieu of classes for March, especially during March Break, so stay tuned for those announcements!

Enjoy these progress photos!  See you all on the 1st at 16 Cumberland St N!


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