Cold weather needs wool!

So we finally got some snow this morning and a weather warning for tonight.  On the bright side, it’s great weather to sew!  My hands are always cold; the light from my sewing machine is so welcoming when it’s winter.  Add in the iron nearby, a warm cup of tea, and it’s so cozy in my little sewing corner!  My kids play nearby too, so their energy helps warm up a room!

At the shop now we’ve got melton wool for outerwear or for mocassins/mitts (as well as handsewing, beading and embroidery needles,) or other winter crafts, in fantastic bright colours, and merino blend drapable, next-to-skin-soft reversible jersey.  Wool leggings would be an awesome gift for the fashion-conscious, who  won’t give up skirts despite the weather or those who love something to match with their long  sweaters.

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Red Melton wool. Made in Canada! #wool #fabric

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Speaking of cozy clothes, if you are still crafting for holiday gifts (or if you’re all done and want to make something for yourself), swing by for some of our bamboo/cotton fleece or our thick yarn-dyed flannels, both 15% off until December 24th!

Expect an update to the two tops in progress this weekend!  Also I’ll be announcing our first classes very soon, keep checking back for the list.

See you soon!

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