Two knit tops in progress, part 1

patterns layed out

So as I began getting my fabric stock in, I’ve been thinking of what to match with what pattern, I’m so eager to start documenting my process and sewing tips for you all, and put up some nice displays in the store.  It’s so fun getting overwhelmed with ideas!  Of course I’m first thinking of gifts, ’tis the season.  The hemp blend jersey, in that military green colour, I thought would make for a perfect shirt for my husband, and the Thread Theory Strathcona Henley was my instant pick.  But although it is gifting season, I felt awfully selfish when I was looking at the bamboo knits.  Something for myself is also a rarity, I’m almost always sewing gifts!  So it’s a gift to myself this time.  To decide what to make for myself, this is my though process:

First, I knew I wanted a cowl neck top and the Sewaholic Renfrew Top was an obvious choice, but I wondered if it would suit stripes.  I looked up images and pattern reviews online and saw quite a few people have done it with stripes, the internet is so helpful for inspiration!  So the pattern is picked, and the stripes, and for me the colour choice was hard, but I decided on the navy and red stripe; dark colours suit me best in winter.

I also decided to take the opportunity to test out another product in stock:  Swedish tracing paper.  Why cut up a pattern if I don’t have to, right?

pieces getting traced

It worked great.  I was using a Sharpie pen to trace it out and there was no bleeding through at all.  My scissors cut it so smoothly it was amazing.  I find it so satisfying when something cuts so easily you don’t even have to move the blades, I think it’s also the noise it makes.  Maybe I’m a weirdo though!

It was so easy, yes it is an extra step but it’s worth it. I don’t think I’ll ever cut pattern tissue again.  Really!

I’ve also had the chance to take home the fabric to wash.  The hemp jersey softens up very nicely (hemp will soften more with every wash, and without as much lint as cotton.)  The bamboo washed up nicely as well.  I always wash my fabrics first the same way I would wash it after it’s sewn up; that way there’s never any disappointment!

In part 2 I’ll document the pinning and fabric cutting (stripe matching, yay!)  Stay tuned!

pieces in a pile

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