Orders are starting to come in!

Cutting table is still not ready (but it will be by the end of the week), but our shipment of melton wool (and a bolt of kasha lining) has come in, and I have a selection of patterns available as well.  Notions may not get in until December (hopefully scissors, needles etc will be early December, but my thread is so new it’s not even released until December!)  And, I’m expecting some other fabric orders to be in by December as well.

By Dec. 1st my gift certificates will be ready, so if you come by and I don’t have what you’re looking for yet, feel free to grab one!  Also, with the holiday shopping season underway, it’s a great chance for a gift for a sewer in your life!  I mean who doesn’t like gift certificates?!  I’ll be in the store December 1st 10-4 (and any other day that I expect to be there, I’ll let everyone know on the Facebook page.  If there’s a better time for you, feel free to shoot me a message either via email or in a message on Facebook and we can work something out!)

Since my location at 204 Red River is temporary you will not see my address on anything printed (aside from receipts) but I will be having signs up in the window very soon with info about the locations.  Because this is a soft opening my hours are limited, but my grand opening in March (to be announced as we approach that date) will be the official start to proper, full-time hours and full stock!

So feel free to share this post and tell your friends!


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