The wait is almost over!!

FINALLY!  That location issue?  All sorted.  There is a permanent location in the works, as well as a temporary location to get started.  We will be doing business in the temp spot while our permanent location is getting renovated.  Where, oh where might it be?  204 Red River Rd, downtown PA is the temporary spot for our soft opening.  Our permanent location isn’t that far away: 16 Cumberland St N!!  Right around the corner, I promise you will not get lost when the switch happens!  We will have a grand opening at that time, too, so this is a great experiment for us until then (and there will probably be some messiness at the temp location since I won’t be able to put up much in the way of permanent shelving etc.  Messy, but it’ll mean better preparedness for the grand opening!)

I am SO excited to finally be in operation!  I can’t wait to see you all!

Hours to be decided soon; soft opening will be mid-November!  Stay tuned!

Gift cards will be available ASAP.  Some of our products available for the soft opening will be: patterns (Thread Theory, Grainline Studio, and Sewaholic and with more to come); melton wool in two weights; bottom weight linen; cotton knits, double gauze and voiles; bamboo/cotton jersey and sweatshirt fleece; canvas and denim; and muslin!

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