Location, location, location…

There has been a bit of drama involving the location we were going to be at originally.  Suffice to say it’s delaying our opening by a wee bit.  I was hoping to be open by Oct. 1st but, that’s not happening since it’s the 1st in two days!  So here’s the scoop:

The original location was going to be sublet from a friend.  Some of you reading this have probably been told in person the original spot already…  I even had measurements done for my shelving and everything.  But it didn’t work out, the friend I was subletting from is now moving location, so I decided that wherever they went, I would go too…  Now, after looking at several other locations with them (one of which I was very excited about but we got outbid, and I was already telling folks that location too, thinking it was a definite go), I’m back to the drawing board.  Not sure if I’m going to sublet from them or if I’m going my own way.  It’s a big decision!  There are a couple spots I’m going to be looking at over the next week or so that I’m thinking will make a good fit.  Once a decision is IN WRITING, you dear readers will be the FIRST to know.  Then it’s just a matter of getting the space ready and boy oh boy am I more than eager to start selling fabric!

So, I’m sure by now many of you have started on your Halloween costumes!  Feel free to post your works in progress and any questions you have on the facebook page!  And remember to tell your friends about us as we approach the big day!

Happy fall!

~Lisa at Lockstitch Fabrics

PS:  I’m on the hunt for vintage sewing and fashion books, instruction or coffee table books and the like, for display at the store.  I’m only interested if they are in good condition, please.  If you have any to sell, shoot me an email:  info@lockstitchfabrics.com!

Woman's Home Companion cover, October 1929

(A lovely example of vintage sewing!)

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